Molly Mitnick (Studio Director)

Molly started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2007 in search of mental clarity and physical wellness. Within minutes of taking her first class she was hooked. This form of yoga made her feel alive and she was certain that Bikram Yoga was something she needed in her life more than just once. And so she kept going back. Within a year Molly had fallen in love with Bikram Yoga as well as one of her fellow practitioners (who she later married!) That same year she competed in the Philadelphia Regional Yoga Asana Competition and made up her mind that she would work towards becoming a Bikram Yoga teacher.

In Spring 2011 Molly made the trip from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to train at the Bikram Yoga College of India where she spent nine weeks studying the yoga, the asana and the human body. Upon her return to her hometown she threw herself into teaching at seven regional studios, learning to teach to the individual and to use her compassion and knowledge of the yoga asanas to teach a vigorous, yet fun and energetic class.

You will hear your instructors tell you, “this yoga will change your life,” Molly is a living example of how this happens. In seven years of doing Bikram yoga, Molly has become the happiest and healthiest version of herself. She has fallen in love with a fellow yogi, married him and together they have started a family with their two little yogis, Miles and Edie. Now, Molly is excited to share this yoga with the Doylestown and the Bucks County communities.