Courtney Marino

Courtney was drawn to Bikram Yoga in July of 2008 to help alleviate numerous physical ailments created from years of running. Deciding it was time for a change, Courtney took her first Bikram class near her home at the time in South Florida. Because running was a mental outlet that kept her mind calm and her body lean and she was skeptical a yoga class could give her the same mental clarity and physical body. However, at the end of her first class she immediately felt healing benefits – her body didn’t hurt and her mind was calm. Three times a week quickly turned into a daily practice and in 2009 she left her fast paced sales job for a career in yoga.

Courtney attended Bikram Yoga College of India’s 9 week intensive teacher training and when she returned home she quickly made teaching yoga her full time job. In 2010 and 2011 Courtney attended 3 separate Jedi Fight Club 10 day intensive trainings hosted by Esak Garcia, a World Yoga Champion. These trainings helped deepen her own personal yoga practice and in 2011 and 2012 she had the opportunity to compete in 3 yoga asana competitions hosted by USA Yoga. Courtney has continued her relationship with USA Yoga by serving as a registered coach and enjoys helping yoga students train and prepare for regional and national yoga competitions. Courtney continued her yoga teaching certification studies in 2017 by attending Yoga Factory Teacher Training’s Intermediate Level II certification hosted by Zeb Homison, a World Yoga Champion and co-owner of Yoga Factory Teacher Training.

Courtney also promotes healthy and holistic living through diet and lifestyle as a Holistic Health Coach. She enjoys helping her clients one on one achieve personal goals in their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Courtney’s goal as a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach is to always be of service and to continuously provide her students and clients inspiration, compassion, and a place for personal growth.