Adam Keilbaugh

A classically trained opera singer, Adam had an instant love affair with yoga as a way to relax and renew during a period of intense study and practice of voice training. Turns out the heat used in yoga classes was a way to save and enhance his voice.
Before long, Adam committed to making the yoga a life journey. He knew that there was no end in sight and that the practice would be a permanent part of his life. In 2012, he signed up for the teacher training program as a way to learn how he could share his treasure with other people.

A technique obsessed enthusiast Adam aims to inspire students to work hard to obtain precision while keeping any frustrations at bay…a struggle he faces within his own practice. Expect a class with Adam to be alignment driven with a perfect blend of encouragement and compassion…and taught in that deep, classically trained opera singer voice. Go ahead, ask him to sing you a posture!