Policies & Etiquette

In order to maintain tranquility and to preserve the essence of our studio, Bikram Yoga Doylestown asks that you read and abide by the following policies.  They are all designed to enable everyone to have their best practice.

Upon arrival, please remember to sign in at the front desk.

Arrive at least 20 minutes before class begins to prepare yourself for your practice.

Please remove shoes before entering the studio space.  Shoe racks will be provided as well as changing rooms are available on the second floor.

Silence cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices.  These should be left in the changing room, as they are not permitted in the studio.  All you will need is a mat, towel, water and an open mind.

New students and beginners should set up towards the back rows; this will enable better observation of class instructions.

Please remain silent while in the studio space.  Moments before and after class are used for private meditation so please be respectful to everyone’s practice.

Please try to remain in the room for the entire 90 minutes. Should you need to leave, please do so quietly and between postures.

Please refrain from eating or chewing gum while in the studio.

Please be mindful of your personal possessions.  Valuable items should be left at home as Bikram Yoga Doylestown is not responsible for their safekeeping.

Remember that all practitioners are present for their personal practice.  This is true of our staff as well.  Please be respectful and courteous to everyone, including your teacher!

If you have any past or present injuries or health restrictions, please chat with your teacher about them.

Be calm.  Be joyful.  Be present.