New Student Information

We are thrilled that you are interested in trying Bikram Yoga Doylestown. All instructors are committed to assisting all yogi’s, regardless of experience level, achieve their best practice.  Feel confident that you will be guided through your practice.

If you are taking a class in our heated studio, it generally takes three or four classes to adjust to the heat and humidity. However, until you learn to breath deeply through any discomfort, the following pointers will help you through your first, second and all classes.

What to wear?

Clothing that is closefitting, breathable and lightweight is most appropriate.  Avoid wearing baggy clothing.  Women are most comfortable in a sports top and yoga shorts or pants.  Men should opt for shorts or swim trunks.

What is needed?
– A bottle of water *
– Two large towels**
– Yoga mat**

*Water is available for purchase

**Towels and Mats are available to rent

What to know?

Please arrive 20 minutes before class to register (this is only necessary for your first class). 
Try not to eat two hours prior to class but do drink lots of water.  Hydration is key!

If you have any injuries or health conditions please advise the teacher before class.

Please review our Policies and Etiquette  and FAQ for additional information about Bikram Yoga Doylestown